Due to labor shortage, we are only taking boned out animals this year. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Smoked Meats

Pepperoni Sticks Regular & Teriyaki          $4.99 lb

*Pepperoni Sticks Specialty Flavors           $5.49 lb

Beer Dogs: Regular, German, Polish         $4.29 lb

*Beer Dogs Specialty Flavors                     $4.99 lb

Summer Sausage Regular                          $3.69 lb

*Summer Sausage Specialty Flavors         $4.49 lb

Old Country Jerky                                       $5.49 lb

Teriyaki, Peppered or Hot Jerky                $5.99 lb

Deli Meats: Bologna or Salami                   $4.99 lb

*Deli Meat Specialty Flavors                       $5.49 lb

*Specialty Flavors include: Hatch, Jalapeno, Cheddar, and Pepperjack and Green Olive

*All Smoked Meat have a 10lb minimum

Fresh Sausage

Regular Breakfast Bulk                                 $3.49 lb

*Breakfast Bulk Specialty Flavors                $3.99 lb

Regular Breakfast  Large Links                    $4.29 lb

*Breakfast Large Links Specialty                  $4.99 lb

Regular Bratwurst                                         $4.29 lb

Bratwurst Specialty Flavors                          $4.99 lb

*Specialty Flavors include: Hot, Maple, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Chorizo, Garlic & Pepper

All Regular Fresh Sausages has a 10 lb minimum 

Additional Charges

Cut & Wrap                                     $1.25 lb / $125 min

Vacuum Packing                             $0.50 per bag

Waste Disposal Fee                        $10.00 if necessary

Clean-Up Charge                           $15 min.

Beef or Pork Fat                               $3 lb


Grinding Only                                              $1.50 lb

Grinding and Wrap                                     $2.00 lb

All grinding has a minimum charge of $20.00.