We are a custom cut full-service retail butcher shop. We offer the largest variety of fresh cut meats in all of Vancouver. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the case just ask, we may have it in back or we can cut items to your needs. We can also order specialty items from our local suppliers and have it here within the week. Customer service is our number one priority as well as serving a quality product at a reasonable price.

Our Story

     The store was opened in 2001 as a family-owned old fashion style meat market and full-service butcher shop. We were customers here for most of that time. When we found out it was up for sale, we jumped in with both feet and took a chance purchasing the business in April 2022. Our goal is not to mess with something that was already great, but to continue with all the same things while adding a few of our own touches.


     We hand cut all our meat in house to ensure every steak is trimmed just right. Our house specialty is our "Cap" steak. We’re the only place in town to carry this specialty. The “Cap” Steak, also known as a Picanha in Brazil or a Coulotte in France, is a very tender and juicy cut that plumps when cooked to perfection. Other special cuts available on request and pre-orders are appreciated.

fresh Products

We take great pride in providing our customers with fresh products every day. Our Steakburger is made from the trimmings of our steaks giving it that "fresh" taste that everyone loves. Our smoked meats are made right in house, so our customers enjoy our own freshly smoked Jerky, Pepper sticks, Summer Sausages and a variety of smoked Beer Dogs.

Other Products

Ready To Cook 

     We carry several “Quick Fix” options that are all seasoned or marinated and ready for your favorite grill or pan.

Smoked Products

We have our in-house smoker, to provide our customers with our own freshly smoked Jerky, Pepper sticks, Summer Sausage, and a variety of Smoked Beer Dogs and Lunch meats.